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Kinesiology - Oakspring Health Clinic

muslce_testing(pronounced Kin-easy-ology)

Kinesiology considers the whole person. All levels are addressed, body-mind-emotions-nutrition-energy systems-spirit & soul.

A kinesiology practitioner is a fundamentally different kind of practitioner who works with the client's energy, lifestyle and aspirations, offering safe and effective way to maintain health, enhance well-being and reach optimum performance.

Symptoms, pains, problems and troubles are viewed as part of the picture of a whole person in a life context.

Gaining feedback from manual muscle testing, related patterns of muscle and energy imbalance can be seen.

Using gentle balancing techniques, it is possible to release old habits, thought forms, emotions or energy patterns that no longer serve us.

Not only can we harmonise the whole system, but generate new ideas, perspectives & insights into ourselves and how we can thrive.

The Kinesiology self - responsibility model does not diagnose or treat named diseases, or focus on treating symptoms. Kinesiology was designed to be complementary to appropriate diagnostic health care. Kinesiology does not help any and every human situation all by itself. A person might also benefit from osteopathy, drugs, surgery, vitamins, minerals, psychological counseling etc., Balancing the energy of the body encourages and supports the intrinsic healing process, allowing the body to heal itself more effectively & more rapidly.

Kinesiology Practitioners:


Hazel Miller KFRP, Cert. Ed:

Hazel has over 20 years wide ranging experience in complementary healthcare both in private practice and teaching. She is a registered professional with the Kinesiology Federation UK and has studied under the Creative Kinesiology School and the International Kinesiology College.

Passionate about empowering others to become active in the creation of their own well-being she has co –founded a school and has been teaching Kinesiology from complete beginners to advanced professionals for the last 14 years.